When finding the right equipment for your hair salon, you first need to establish a decor theme for your business.  Will your hair salon be traditional or modern?  Cutting edge or an everyday staple?  Your equipment should be a reflection of the kind of services you are prepared to offer your client.  Choosing a color scheme, whether your furnishings will be streamlined or vintage, and never forgetting your salon’s locale should help to steer you in the right direction. To find great deals for your salon, click here now!



There are many tools you need to make your salon sing.

Opening your own hair salon can be a lifelong dream come true.  Finding all the equipment you need for hair salon can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare.  How do you decide between all the different options for all of the equipment that you need?  There are many tools that you need in order to make your hair salon function effectively and at a level that you can be proud of.  Click here to do research online for recommendations for the best brushes, flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers on the market. There are always advancements in the tools that you’ll use but there are also brands that provide professional quality consistently.  Check out CHI hair products for your flat iron needs and boar bristle brushes to make your clients’ hair shine.  Look at finding the right tools as another fun step in making your dream come true.


A salon is often judged on not only the service provided by its stylists and its appearance, but also by the equipment it utilizes and offers. Here are five equipment items every salon should have.

1. Heat Tools — Today’s woman is savvy about heat tools and isn’t afraid to use them. Make sure you have a variety of curling irons, flat irons, waving tools, hot rollers, etc. Keep up-to-date with the latest tools to entice your clients are remain on the cutting edge of styling.

2. Facial Steamers — Be sure to offer hot and cold facial steamers to help your client have beautiful, rejuvenated skin.

3. Microdermabrasion Apparatus — Microdermabrasion has been around for several years and its popularity continues to grow. It is a non-surgical, noninvasive beauty treatment that yields visual results. Don’t miss out on the business your salon will reap by providing this service.

4. Manicure and Pedicure Station — Your salon must have a manicure and pedicure station, otherwise you will miss out on a huge opportunity to provide your clients with one of the most popular salon services. Make sure your technicians offer the latest trends in nail care and design and have the best tools of the trade.

5. Sanitizing Machine — To provide all these excellent services, you must have a sanitizing machine to ensure all of your equipment is clean and hygienic, devoid of all germs and microorganisms that can cause disease.


If you are one of the many people currently trying to save as much as they can, then you will want to consider where you can get the best discounts.

Many ways in which you can save money will be by cutting back on regular things, such as going to salons. As such it can be very useful to find salon discounts in Kansas. But how should you go about doing this?

There are many ways in which you can start finding salon discounts. Primarily this can be done through finding vouchers. These can allow you to make huge savings, especially if you go to a particular salon regularly.

After a while you can become an incredibly valued customer, solely through the fact that you have been there so often and are a very reliable customer. This can lead to even more salon discounts in the long run. Certain salons in particular will also become known for offering particularly good deals at the moment.

After all it is not just customers who are trying to save money. Businesses too are feeling the pinch, and so competition is far higher to attract customers, which can, conversely, lead to decreased prices and a lot of salon discounts for you to take advantage of.

Whilst it will not always be the case that you will be able to find discounts, especially for your favorite salon, you can at least look around. Consider a new salon perhaps, as you never know, the quality may be even better if you just look around your town for a newer place to go to.

Sometimes it can also be worthwhile looking at some of the smaller salons. This is because the more well-known salons may be more likely to not give out salon discounts – they can rely on customers coming anyway due to their overall brand presence.

What is often forgotten though is that smaller Kansas hair salons and brands can do equally good jobs for much cheaper prices, and are far more likely to give out salon discounts, which can be incredibly useful if you are trying to save money. After all, a brand doesn’t always mean high quality, and you may discover many other advantages simply through going to a salon that you don’t usually use.

The thing is it is so incredibly easy to save money this way, and it is yet to be fully noticed by customers. Going to smaller branches and individual salons that are not part of a chain store can be a great way to start saving money, whilst supporting local business in your area.

You may also find that they are far friendlier to you, in a far nicer way than a chain business. As whilst chain stores are there to make money, individual outlets will be there because they love the salon business – which can mean wonders for you when it comes to getting high quality treatments and the like when you go to the salon.


Salons have become a necessity of life. There are many people that are using the salons for maintaining their beauty. The salons are also becoming more and more gracious day by day. There are several different salons that you may find around you. Each salon is different from the other in respect to the facilities provided by it. There are some salons that do not provide premium facilities. These Iowa hair salons have comparatively lower rates than that of the salons providing premium facilities. Click here to see for yourself. You can see the beauty salons everywhere. However, it must be remembered that the salons that provide better features are should be selected for the purpose of beauty treatment. This is because the salons that are providing premium facilities will never make you feel that you have wasted your money. However, these premium services have high rates too. But if you know how to deal with the high rate factor, you can easily take benefit of these salons. There are several discounts schemes that are provided by the salons. The salon discounts in Iowa are available at various salons. There is no such salon that does not provide any discount. These salon discounts are pre planned and are given to the people on the basis of certain factors. 

There are several things that you should know about the discount policies. The first and the most valuable thing that you should know about the salon discounts is that these discounts are provided only at certain occasions. Therefore, one must be aware of such occasions. This way they can get massive discounts on several services. Many beauty salons provide discounts either weekly or monthly depending upon the salon policies. What you need to know is the time at which these discounts are provided. By knowing, the proper time of the discount, one can get the opportunity of getting massive discounts on various services. The salon discounts are also given with some types. This means that, you may not get discount as such but, you will get some discount coupon or some scratch card that will give you the details of the discount that you can get. There are several such schemes that are developed by the people now days.

Giving the discount to the people is an integral part of the salons. This way the salons also get the benefit as more and more people visit the salons just to get discounts on various premium services. This is a convenient method of increasing sale and making the salon more popular in the market. For getting substantial discounts by the salons on the services provided, one must be aware of the time that when the discounts are provided. In this way, one can easily get the discount. One exemplary method that can be employed to get discounts on the services is to visit different salons weekly. This way you could avail the discounts that are provided by the different salons. There are always chances of getting better discounts on the products if you visit the salon regularly and you are the permanent customer of the salon.



For beauty professionals, everything from the first class to the first job to the first real client is an achievement. You as one of a class of new hair dressers are ready to start looking for your first real job. It’s thrilling and anxiety ridden at the same time isn’t it? Just like your school will always reflect on who you are as hair stylists, your first job will also affect every job that you get hereafter. So it’s very important that you select a salon that will build you towards the kind of career you want to have.

Of course, in some situations, you can’t be too picky about a job. But if you have a choice, here is a list of the things you should look for and avoid in hair salon deals in Colorado  that you are considering working for.


  1. Look for salons in Colorado  that are consistently busy. Call before you apply and see how long it would take to get an appointment. If they are available right away, odds are they are not very busy. This means that if you work there you will not be making much money. Also most beauty salons that are not very busy do not have time to provide you with on going education.
  2. Look for hair salons that are contracted to use a good product line. There are two specific reasons for this. First, if they are contracted to use only one line of hair products, you will be able to develop a very good working knowledge of the line and how to use it. Second, many major lines also provide classes in how to use their products which can advance your education as a stylist.
  3. Be cautious about beauty salons that also claim to be spas. Why is this? It’s simply a matter of logistics. Very often a salon that also says it is a day spa really means that it’s a salon who provides low-quality spa-like services. You don’t want to be associated with that.
  4. Find a salon who specifically offers on going education. Whether its on hair or beauty treatments, or facials, or something else, you need to have a salon that will help you further your knowledge.
  5. Nail salons and tanning salons are not good places to look for a job, even if they are hiring hair stylists. You want to do hair, not life-long reception work, which is what you will get if you go to one of these places looking for employment.
  6. Ask some more experienced hair professionals where they would like to work or where they recommend that newcomers start out. Sometimes a word of mouth recommendation is the best way to find a great work environment. It’s actually not hard to get hired; finding a job worth working at is a little more challenging.
  7. Pay attention to the salons that ask to see your hair styles portfolio, and/or want to give you a technical interview. Any place that does not want to test your skills or see what kinds of hair dos you are capable of probably does not take much pride in it’s own industry.

What equipment for salons does the conscientious business owner need to select when opening a new beauty shop? The list is extensive but thankfully, easy to fill.

First of all, you must select the seating and decorations for your reception area. Comfortable chairs will help your customers to feel welcome. Studies also show that customers who receive the impression that a salon is friendly, welcoming, and classy are more likely to return and become regulars. 

There are other vital pieces of equipment that must be considered. For the stylists, mats for the floor of their work station and basic equipment are needed. Styling chairs are also something that must be purchased.

Shampoo bowls, hair dryers, manicure tables, and facial equipment also should be on your shopping list for beauty salon furniture. Consider appliances like esthetician lamps also.

When you are purchasing these items, it is very important to get good information about what brands and suppliers are best. Make sure that the company you buy from has a good reputation. Also, because the salon equipment your purchase will be heavily used be certain to pick a brand that comes with a good warranty, to avoid problems with repair bills later.


If you cut and style hair for a living, it naturally follows that you’ll need a fantastic pair of styling shears. In fact, when it comes to equipment for hair salons, few tools are as important as these specialized scissors. Remember, stylists are artists, and if a client’s hair is the canvas, then the right shears are the paintbrush – and you need to know that you can rely on your paintbrush to help you create a masterpiece! Here’s what to look for in a pair of styling shears:

  • Size. You want to make sure your shears are neither too large nor too small. A good starting point is 5 and 1/2 or 6 inches.
  • High quality steel. It’s true that a great pair of shears will cost you several hundred dollars, but buying a cheap pair will only lead to headaches as they become dull, rust or break over time.
  • Comfort. Most importantly, you want a pair of shears that feel good in your hands! Always pick up your shears and hold them before buying.

The specialized equipment for hair salons is some of the hardest to know what to do with once it is no longer needed by the owner. Since it is a major investment of money most owners would like to at least get some of that investment back when getting rid of it. So how can this be accomplished? There are several ways. 

1. Trade it in. If the owner is getting rid of old equipment to replace it with newer, better models, he or she should consider offering the old equipment to the dealer that is supplying the new things. Many companies will offer some small trade in value on old equipment that will offset the price of the new purchases. Others will offer to consign the items for you if they operate a used equipment business.

2. Use if for parts. If the old equipment is in good condition and compatible with some of the new items, the owner should have a good electrician or mechanical worker take them apart and keep the parts that could be useful for repairs in other equipment later on. This might save quite a bit of money, especially on the most heavily used equipment.

3. Sell it. Even if a salon is updating, the old equipment for hair salons is likely to be in good condition. Putting it for sale on an online auction site will probably bring a buyer in easily and with little additional expense to the owner.

4. Store it in case of emergency. What happens if a pedicure chair suddenly goes out and the repair many can’t get there until Monday? Meanwhile it’s Saturday afternoon and the salon is fully booked for pedicures! If the owner has been wise enough to keep an older but still working pedicure chair stored away, the problem can be easily solved with a little furniture rearrangement. Of course, stored equipment must be kept clean and accessible in order for it to be useful.

5. Know when to take a loss. Some equipment for hair salons is just not pass-on-able. If the items in question are broken, out of date, contaminated, or otherwise irreparable, don’t bother trying to salvage them. If a piece if truly used up and worn out, the effort to save money by keeping it or regain investment by selling it will only make a salon owner look like a penny pincher who is willing to unscrupulously sell faulty equipment to others. The reputation risk and hassle are simply not worth it for a couple hundred dollars gain. Never, ever sell something that is known to be outside of acceptable safety standards, no matter how much money might be gained.

The key points to remember when getting rid of old equipment are simple. Trade it in if possible. Use it for parts if it’s compatible with newer equipment. Sell it if it’s in good condition. Store it if there is sufficient space. But also know when to simply let it go without a fuss.


This state of the art chair features a reclining position and shiatsu massage!

Shampoo chairs are essential pieces of equipment in your hair salon.  While their functionality is key, add some comfort and design to really impress your customers.  Finding a shampoo chair that is relaxing will only add to the shampooing experience.  Purchasing a shampoo chair that also has a built-in massager will take your clients to another level of satisfaction.



Cutting capes are a piece of equipment for your hair salon that you can go wild with!  Depending on the atmosphere of your salon, why not eschew the run of the mill black cutting cape?  Let your customers take a walk on the wild side with an animal print cape!